dead bodies in Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city.
- Written by ibro

May 5, 2020 The dead bodies in Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city, have been piling up everywhere. Abandoned in busy hospitals. Left decomposing inside homes. In some cases, even wrapped in plastic and cardboard and put out on the streets.

In one video that has gone viral, a teary-eyed woman who identified herself as Gabriela Orellana begged the government to recover her husband’s corpse from her house. For days, she was quarantined as his limp, unmoving body lay upstairs, she said, while officials insisted they were coming to transport him.

“If you see this video, Mr. President, please, where are they? … They told me they were coming, and it was a lie,” Orellana sobbed into a purple face mask. “I’m only asking for you to help him die with dignity. Please. Don’t leave him here, thrown on the ground.”

Grisly tales like hers this week underscore how the port city of more than 2 million people is struggling to handle the mounting devastation of the coronavirus pandemic.

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