Weddings will only be allowed with five people under coronavirus rules
- Written by ibro

Mar 22, 2020 The number of people attending church weddings during the coronavirus crisis will be limited to five people. This is the legal minimum – the priest, the bride and groom and two witnesses – the Church of England has said. In updated guidance on their website, the Church said: ‘While wedding services may continue, numbers attending the ceremony in church will need to be strictly curtailed to the legal minimum. ‘Where family relatives or friends are unable to attend given the restrictions on numbering, churches will be happy to explore ways to allow others to join the service, either through platforms such as Skype, or recording the service to send at a later date to anyone unable to attend.

‘Apart from the bride and groom, the physical distance should be observed as far as possible. ‘The priest does not have to touch the rings to bless them, nor does he or she have to touch the couple’s hands as part of a prayer or blessing, so it is possible for the service to proceed as normal. For all the latest news and updates on Coronavirus, click here. For our Coronavirus live blog click here. ‘No additional church personnel will attend the service, for example organists, vergers or sound system operator etc. ‘If a couple wishes to cancel their wedding, then any fees or deposit paid to the church will be refunded in full, and if the couple wishes to postpone, the church will work with them to find a suitable future date wherever possible.’





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