Somaliland government commented on the new role of the Turkish diplomat.
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Ankara (CRN)February 10, 2019 Turkey Government has appointed Dr. Olgan Bekar former Turkey ambassador to Somalia as Turkey’s new Special envoy to Somalia and Somaliland talks.
Dr.Olgan Bekar is a former Turkish ambassador to Somalia. Bekar’s ambassadorial tenure lasted four years.
Somalia Ambassador to the Republic of Turkey Amb. Jama A Mohamed welcomed the new Turkish envoy tasked with facilitating Somalia and Somaliland talks .
“It was a great pleasure to meet Amb. ⁦Bekar⁩ in Ankara and be briefed his new role. He played an important role in strengthening . Somali-Turkish ties. I assured him of our support to him Turkey’s new Special envoy to Somalia-Somaliland talks .” Said Amb Jama
The Somaliland government has commented on the new role of the Turkish diplomat.
The talks began in 2012 when the London Conference on Somalia, held at Lancaster House on February resulted in a communiqué… Pre-talks communique emphasised “the need for the international community to support any dialogue that Somaliland and Somalia’ .
The Somaliland-Somalia hit a deadlock several times over technical issues.

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