Turkey is Ethiopia’s Key Economic Partner-Ethiopia State FM
- Written by ibro

The Bidding farewell to Turkish Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ambassador Fatih Ulusoy later today (November 19), State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Dr. Markos Takle underscored that Turkey is Ethiopia’s key economic partner. Noting that Ethiopia and Turkey have enjoyed strong trade and investment relations, Dr. Markos said the two countries would work more closely to further strengthen the bilateral trade and investment ties. In this regard, the State Minister thanked Ambassador Fatih Ulusoy for his efforts dedicated at strengthening the bilateral cooperation during his tenure.Turkey is Ethiopia’s Key Economic Partner-Ethiopia State FM 
Ambassador Fatih Ulusoy said the Government of Turkey commends the ongoing all-rounded reforms in Ethiopia. He noted Ethiopia’s key role in the maintenance of regional peace and stability, adding that the rapprochement between Ethiopia and Eritrea had peace dividends to the region. The Ambassador also praised Ethiopia for the key role the country played in the lifting of sanctions on Eritrea.according to Ethiopian Foreing Ministry

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